Chloe Helton | Historical Fiction



Rome, 190 A.D. The Empress is dead. Commodus’ mistress now holds the strings -- but she hides a secret that may cost her life.

For ten years, Marcia has been living under the Emperor’s wing, watching. Ten years ago, a cruel betrayal left Commodus shaken to his core. Now, one by one, Commodus’ most beloved advisors have failed him, and she has watched their brutal ends. 

The last one, she was responsible for.

As each betrayal cuts deeper, Commodus grows more and more paranoid. He won’t listen to the Senate, the men who hold Rome’s strings -- and his well-being -- in their hands. Ravaged by famine and plague, the citizens of Rome are desperate and angry.

Marcia, now the only one the Emperor can trust, finds herself in the very heart of Commodus’ reign, which is quickly spiralling into chaos and destruction. Can she save the man she loves, or will her fatal secret threaten everything they hold dear?