Chloe Helton | Historical Fiction


 Rome, 180 A.D. The gods have made an emperor. Every so often, they change their minds.

When the Emperor Marcus Aurelius does not return from campaign, Rome is thrilled to hail his son Commodus as Caesar. Lucilla, his sister, has much hope for the golden boy who was raised to rule. Commodus was born for this, and she has spent years ignoring the decade-old prophecy that will haunt his reign.

Yet, in Rome, betrayal lurks around every corner. The Emperor must quickly learn who he can trust -- and his sister, who raised him since he was a boy, is one of the few who truly has his ear. But as Commodus sinks deeper into darkness, Lucilla must act quickly to save her family.

The clock is ticking. The old prophecy will not lie. And Commodus may find himself betrayed by the woman he loves most.

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