Chloe Helton | Historical Fiction

And the Stars Wept


Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Clark is newly orphaned, and all she wants is to provide for herself and her younger brother, Joshua. The problem is, America is at war, and sixteen-year-old Joshua is hell-bent on joining.

She can’t stop him.

When Joshua joins up, Cassandra finds herself engulfed in the horrors of the Civil War. She patches wounds. She assists amputations. She meets Beth, a vibrant young woman with a secret threatening to tear her apart.

When tragedy strikes, leaving Cassandra and her companion Beth with nobody left to live for, they have two choices: head North and pray for a factory job, or disguise themselves as men and fight for the Union. The first choice may leave them desperate. The second might kill them.

Whatever they do, it won’t be easy.


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